Saturday, March 27, 2010


OK, in line with my new pastel obsession? ALL THINGS BLUSH! Blush? OK, my idea of blush...blush pinks, beiges, nudes, even taupe-grays. I think this color palette is SO classic and classy! Here are some of my favorites...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Dreams

This winter hit me HARD. I have been yearning for spring something fierce, and with that came a totally new fashion direction for me...pastels.

There was a time around junior high that pastels were HUGE. I remember having peach pants. Yeah. Peach pants. Yikes. I remember lots of other hues I'd pair that with...and the most important "accessory" was my Maybelline eye shadow foursome...frosty green, purple, blue, and pink, all in one neat little tray. And I'd take full advantage of each and every color. HAAAAAAA!!!! Picture that with my frosty pink lipstick and a mouth full of braces. Eek.

Since that time, I have stayed very clear of anything resembling a pale color. My tastes trended toward purples, kelly greens, various shades of dark pinks, dark teals. So no one was more surprised than me when all of the sudden, I found myself completely OBSESSED with pastels!

I can't get enough....pale buttery yellow, light blue, seafoam green, icy pink, soft lilac, and yes, even peach! So my spring fashion focus has been on acquiring some basic solids in those colors and accessorizing appropriately. In that way, I can mix and match and wear with different bottoms, etc. That's called the econonomical fashionista!! lol

Accessories for me comprise two specific things: necklaces and scarves. On the necklace side, I am staying w/the soft, frothy mood of pastels...frosted glass. I like drop pendants and statement necklaces. Scarves I prefer an abstract mix of colors, once again, being able to pair a scarf w/many different tops.

For necklaces: etsy, hands down. I have become an etsy FANATIC. My "favorites" page reads like a novel.

For scarves: ebay. Girls, don't bother ever trying to find a scarf anywhere else, because you've got THOUSANDS of them on ebay, and you can find most of them under ten bucks. My newest acquisition...courtesy of one of my favorite designers, Emilio Pucci:

So for the next few months, I will be walking around looking like a Dreamsicle!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Triumphant Return

To celebrate my first update in four months, I show you my latest necklace I scored from etsy. I love statement necklaces...bold, beautiful, only plain shirt required...