Tuesday, September 22, 2009


OK, new blog up and running! First, the name...

Style Times Two refers to a few things...the style of Kara and Claire, and it also refers to my "nontraditional" size. Yes, call it what you will.."Women's," "Plus," "X," whatev, it's bigger clothes for a bigger girl, and I'm a generation 2X-er!

With that being said, there is no format I'll follow and no subject I'll shy away from. So as always, for the easily offended, move along to the Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm blog.

With no further ado...

Me wants this:

...to be worn under cardigan with proper tweed pants to add whimsy to work outfit.

...or with dark bootcut jeans and a fab pair of heels

My current "ewwwwwww" as seen on the streets...

CRINKLE SHIRTS!!! They don't show up well in graphics, so I'm not posting a picture. But the material is this polyester crinkly stuff. If you pull it to "smooth" it out, it returns to its crinkled state like an accordian. They are often found in horrid floral prints. Ick.

That's it for this episode. Tune in next time for more of my unsolicited fashion opinions.

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  1. Loving it so far Kara! You seemed to have found a great nitch here!